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Wildline! Surpasses 3 Million Indexed Keywords for Search Engine Marketing Campaigns 06.18.2006

Expanded Search Engine Keyword Index Improves Wildline! Clients’ Web Traffic and ROISan Francisco, CA – Wildline! (http://www.wildlinecorp.com), the leading developer of relevant search engine traffic solutions for the adult industry, today announced that it now utilizes more than 3 million keywords for marketing campaigns with all of the major Internet search engines. The keywords are indexed in over 150 adult content categories.

“Wildline! has significantly strengthened its ability to connect relevant traffic streams and search queries to any sponsor program’s adult content because we have the keywords they need to optimize traffic results,” said Johnny V, Wildline! Web traffic consultant. “Additionally, we know which keywords have worked well historically, can quickly evaluate which keywords will work well together for specific sponsor programs, and continually optimize ongoing traffic campaigns.”

Wildline!, a certified reseller and trusted content provider for major Internet search engines, specializes in Search Marketing campaigns that improve the user experience by integrating the human touch and historical statistics to produce computer-generated results. Wildline employs a range of Search Marketing tools and strategies to achieve complete coverage of its clients’ content on the major search engines, one of which is Paid Inclusion. Unlike Paid Placement, where relevant ads are placed before or alongside the natural (sometimes called “organic”) results on engine results pages (SERP), Paid Inclusion listings are displayed within the actual natural result set. This improved visibility tends to improve click-through performance and to yield better-qualified visitors. Jupiter research estimates that 85 percent of all search engine click-through activity occurs via the natural listings of a SERP.

Another advantage of Paid Inclusion is the ability to control the Title and Description text that are displayed for clients’ sites. Control of these elements can have a dramatic effect not only on search placement, but on click-through ratios and brand management. “Relying on free Web traffic to operate a business is risky because free search engine listings can disappear overnight,” said Charles Hentrich, president and founder of Wildline! “By paying for their traffic, clients have greater control of their business.”

About Wildline!
Wildline! has been developing highly targeted campaigns that deliver relevant search engine traffic to adult industry clients’ web sites since 2001. We believe in the power of positive ROI – good traffic is a good investment. Wildline! provides online account management tools that offer clients flexible, real-time reporting and control over search engine listings; the ability to track traffic volume and adjust listings; and more effective traffic distribution management capabilities. For more information, visit www.wildlinecorp.com or call (415) 543-9411.